Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Decade!

I have been unplugged for a couple of weeks, mainly because I was out of town enjoying myself and also because I just need to be unplugged occasionally.

January and the new decade has come in like a lamb. I know that's a March metaphor, but I'm always expecting January in the form of a monstrous lion's jaw aimed at my face. That is not the case this year. I have even been so bold as to think resolutions, which I generally think of as the loser's path to disappointment and destruction.

But hey, it's a new decade and for me, I think, the last full decade. I don't expect to live to 2030. My resolutions are :

1. Write daily. Work on the novel , but also write about family.

2. Exercise daily

3. Eat more and more vegetables

4. Clean up after myself.

5. Love Tom.

6. Go outside every day, no matter what the weather. Walk out to the lake and around. Listen to birds.

7. Read the complete Old Testament. Read, read, read.

8. Enjoy new and old friends.

9. Make a collage. I keep thinking I will, but then I don't. This year I will.

10. Practice Ms. Pac Man on the Wii. Make Ed wait for his turn.

It's a small list. It's taken me forever to learn that getting up and starting again is not failure. It's life.


Kerry said...

well, now we're going to have to plan a New Year's Eve party on Dec 31, 2029. Because I totally expect you to still be around then. Just so you know.

EP said...

Yeah, why wouldn't you live another twenty years? Your list looks a lot like mine. Funny that.

Ann said...

Add "Make ann smile" to your list. Because you just did. Voila! Resolution accomplished.

Jacqueline said...

On April 23, 1994, Tom wrote "A list of prophecies for Jacqueline."

2029: Jacqueline returns to Provo to speak at the joint funeral of Tom and Louise, who died overnight in the same bed. Coronor's report says they were trying to make love and died of joy."

That's the only way to go but I feel quite certain it will be long after 2029.

In 2010 Tom predicted "Jacqueline is tenured and becomes an associate professor." Oops.

Happy New Year!

Marcia said...

Louise, I like you.

Sarah said...

Yes! By all means! Live for another twenty years!

Also, I am hereby requesting a list of Prophecies for Sarah from Tom (and Louise, too, if you want, but please don't include any of your Dark Fortunes, and no predictions about my shoulders either).

donnette perkins said...

Does walking from my car into the HFAC count as going outside every day? How about walking to my mailbox? Does that count?