Monday, December 14, 2009

Upper west side special of the week

If you know anything about me, you'll know that I'm on the internet every night looking for Manhattan real estate. The apartment above is one room, one closet and, as you can see a half-fridge and a cupboard badly nailed to the wall. The bathroom is out in the hall and is shared with several other people. This apartment is on West 88th Street between Central Park West and Columbus Ave. It's a thousand dollars a month.

West 88th and Central Park West is a fine address, but how much is one willing to sacrifice (if you're poor like me) to live at such a fine address? I have looked carefully at the photos and I figure this room is twice the width of the hallway that extends between my kitchen and the garage, and perhaps the same length. I'm guessing this room is six by ten. Barely six by ten.

I'm not sure a single bed fits across the width of this room like under that window, for example.
In fact, it looks like the room narrows down to the window, unless the window is much larger than it seems.

If I were renting this apartment, I would ask that they remove the fridge and the cupboard. They take up far too much space, and I would eat out and keep some fruit and crackers around.

That is if I could walk up and down the four stories of stairs. It's not an elevator building.

It IS sunny. If you stand in the window.


Robin said...

A cot would probably fit under the window. You and Tom can Rock-Paper-Scissor to see who gets the cot each night.

Katy said...

Start spreading the news: I'm packing my bags this very minute. I can sleep standing up, and I'll hang a hammock for Bryce and the kids.

Could you imagine?

erica spelman said...

Wow that makes these ones look lavish:

donnette perkins said...

See that lovely parquet border along one wall of the kitchen? That tells us that this tiny closet of an apartment was once part of a room large enough to live in. Betcha didn't know I've been lurking here, did ya?

Louise Plummer said...

Erica, that youtube site kept me entertained for a long time. Thank you.

Donnete, I absolutely agree, that room's been halved.

erica spelman said...

I tried to find the whole episode, she had this whole contest on finding the smallest NY apt., it was unbelievable but yours beats them all!

Anonymous said...