Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Murgatroyd and me

Murgatroyd was bored last Friday and wanted to go to Grandma's house. She is seven. I was on my way out to buy a comfortable pair of shoes, so I took her with me. "Now where do YOU want to go?" I asked her after I'd gotten my shoes.

"Justice," she said. It's a teeny-bopper store. We walked in and everything was 40% off so I bought her a skanky black dress with rhinestones and silver flats.

"I'm glad I came over when you wanted to go shopping," she told me.

We walked to the car. Murgatroyd gets into the back seat, which always surprises me. She seems old enough to be able to sit next to me in the front seat.

I get in the passenger seat in the front.

Murgatroyd says, "Grandma, who's going to drive the car? Your spirit?"


Later, Charles her father said, "I told her you're bored here and now you want to go over to Grandma's house to be bored there."

Murgatroyd heard this and said, "Grandma's never boring."

I'll use it for my epitaph.


doddles said...

Murgatroyd is right. Grandma IS never boring.
I love that Murgatroyd!

Marcia said...

Shoot! I clearly married into the wrong family!

BBB said...

It will be the perfect epitaph for you.

ann cannon said...

The best compliment ever. And so very true of you.

whirligigdaisy said...

Love this. And true. You are never boring.