Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lamb's Grill Cafe

This restaurant has stood on Main Street for 90 years now, but I've not gone there much. Always thought it was for old geezers. So we went last Friday with friends (old geezers) and I had their rice pudding with whipped cream and cinnamon. Holy cow is that good. On Monday, I said to Tom, "I think we need some of that rice pudding," and we drove in and had it again. I'm thinking I may need some tomorrow as well. Rice pudding. Who knew?


Jason Merrell said...

I love their rice pudding, too! I've only been there twice and had it both times. This was twelve years ago when Patrick and I used to go.
More recently, my roommate Stephanie said she thinks I have rice fever. I said only for her. She's a gem. You'd love her. I think you'd love her more than Lamb's rice pudding.

Kelly said...

I thought Lamb’s was for geezers too. Then a colleague and I were looking for a place to lunch where we wouldn’t run into anyone from our office. We went to Lamb’s that day and many days after that; sometimes for lunch, sometimes for breakfast. Now it’s one of the places I miss most from Salt Lake. If you have a chance, try the chicken pot pie.

ann cannon said...

i love lambs because it has been there for years. a friend of ours said he loves lambs because they cook like mother--corn out of a can, fruit cocktail out of a can , , , and he;s sort of right.