Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Make me cry

According to the paper, the golf index today is zero. The quality of air is red alert, which means that if you have lung issues you need to stay indoors. You shouldn't drive your car if you can avoid it. It pollutes, don't ya know.

Nuts to that. Get out of the house. Play golf. Revolt. Stick your tongue out at that wet cement colored sky.

I have a blooming geranium in the kitchen. This is its second winter. I love that geranium.

I think I need my fiction writing group to do an intervention. They should come to my house, knock down the front door, shout profanities at me, and make me cry. Make me write a sentence. Somebody, make me write a sentence of fiction.

Save me from myself.

Did I say I've kept a geranium blooming for two years running?


Emily Wing Smith said...

I'm very impressed by your geranium.

I'm not impressed by your writing group. Where's the tough love? They really need to pound some sense into you. My Louise Plummer books are all looking tired and worn.

Maybe MY writing group should come do an intervention?

Louise Plummer said...

Bring 'em on.

Kerry said...

You know, you should only say such things if you mean them, cuz we *do* know where you live and some of us have done Tai Kwon Do. Just sayin. ;-)

ann cannon said...

Lots of people can write sentences. Not everybody can get a geranium to bloom two years in a year.

That's a damn good-looking geranium and I would know.

Your verification word is "gangs" which is apparently what you're in the market for--roving gangs of writers who will come beat you up.

BBB said...

Dammit Louise, I've been waiting for a new book from you for years now. Years. C'mon, get with the program!

How's that? I'm not waiting for the writer's group to do their job. :)

Robin said...

*poke in the eye*

crying yet?

Please tell Tom I read "eating chocolates and dancing in the kitchen" and found it to be delightful. I was nice to my husband the entire time I read it.

Sarah said...

I just caught Louis licking the bottom of Elliot's shoe. He'd been sitting there for quite some time. "Mmm." he said.

It made me want to cry a little.

EP said...


Kristen said...

My fiction would be keeping anything alive (besides my kids)for more than 6 months.

We need more of your books, so I hope your writing group kicks it into gear soon.