Saturday, August 9, 2008

Pre-talk funk

I'm speaking at the 27th ward summer party next Thursday and I've been driving myself crazy with angst:  what will I say?  I will speak about being a woman of a certain age and what that means.  I will try to keep it light and not mention that death looms in the foreground.  I will try try try to forget that I'm hurtling toward death.

On a lighter note:  Tom and I pulled a box marked memorabilia out of the garage and were happy to find Mohammed Ali's autograph that we thought was long lost.  We got it in Boston about 1968 along with Chris and Bill. I will have it framed.

We went to an open house last night for Tom's 50th high school reunion.  Old people.  Really old people.  Ran into several members from the old Emigration Ward and had our picture taken together.  Tonight:  dinner at the Salt Lake Country Club.  Tom looks better than most of his classmates. A lot better!

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Rabbit said...

And, Louise, you were the most beautiful woman at the reunion. You always make me look better than I deserve. xoxo