Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Mennonites have it worse

Olivia gave me a heads-up about this novel.  It's beautifully written, laugh out loud funny and, of course, sad.   A few quotes:  "We're Mennonites  As far as I know, we are the most embarrassing sub-sect of people to belong to if you're a teenager. . . . We are supposed to be cheerfully yearning for death and in the meantime, until that blessed day, our lives are meant to be facsimiles of death or at least the dying process. . . . A Mennonite telephone survey might consist of questions like, would you prefer to live or die a cruel death, and if you answer "live" the Menno doing the survey hangs up on you. "

I checked my copy out of the library.  I'm in a new thrift mode.


Rachel said...

How thrifty of you to discover that the library lets you read books for free. I've always thought of you as an upper class thrifty kind of person and now I know its true.

I'm going to suggest this for our next book club reading tonight, that is if I don't die a slow cruel death first.

Louise Plummer said...


I think your book club will like it!