Sunday, August 31, 2008

Is it okay if I'm missing New York?

Pictures of 96 Arden, apt. 2F are below.  For some reason, I couldn't get it all in the same space.

Okay, summer in Utah has been divine.  Now, can I go back until next summer?  Can I go back and work in the temple under Sister Kongaika and teach the gospel doctrine in the Inwood Ward?  Could we find a one bedroom apartment on 215th and Broadway that is a short block from the 1-train (there's one available for $1200 a month).  I could then take the subway directly to 66th and go to the library of the performing arts and work there and not have to walk up from 59th street with my computer.  We could live without the car.  We really could.  Couldn't we?


Rachel said...

Absolutely yes! I have similar feelings towards the greater Boston area and wouldn't mind going back and forth or just back. My prolonged visit just didn't cut it. Currently my soul is feeling slightly displaced in Arizona.

Rabbit said...
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Anonymous said...

Hope you don't mind that one of your old academic counselorees stumbled onto your blog, but I wanted to put in a word on behalf of Utah. We're lucky to have you back. I know we can't really compete with mighty NYC, but we're feeling lucky regardless. (Is that bold of me to speak on behalf of an entire state?)

Louise Plummer said...

Hi Lauren!

You're welcome anytime. I love Utah too, but once inawhile I wish I were standing in Lincoln Center.
How are you?

Anonymous said...

Hooray... I can keep coming back and online stalking. Phew.
I finally went to NYC for the first time earlier this year and never once went to Lincoln Center. Sad and I blame my host.
Life's pretty great for me, thanks for asking. They haven't kicked me out of grad school yet, ha. And I have a big bookcase next to a big TV. What more could I ask for?

Rebecca Smylie said...

You miss NY now--which I understand. It's September. Autumn in New York. Two days ago it started to get crisp and the park is decidedly full. But hold out for two more months or so. Then remember how it feels like a frozen baseball bat is hitting you in the face every time you leave your apartment. That aside, New York misses you. If Lauren can speak on behalf of Utah, I take it upon myself to speak on behalf of New York. Hurry Back, it said.

Louise Plummer said...

I miss YOU Rebecca.