Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Max's piano recital

Max and his piano, teacher, Betsy, are two of my favorite people on earth. So it was wonderful to be invited to his piano recital last Friday night. Tom and I were early so we could sit on a sofa. Old people think about these things.

Betsy's twenty-one students played crisply and clearly and had been taught to bow before and after playing without breaking into sniggers. So not only has she taught them to play piano, she has taught them poise.

I kept a pleasant smile plastered on my face during the whole evening, realizing almost immediately that a recital is NOT a concert. A recital is full of glitches, second starts and sighing, and then continuing despite breakdowns. This creates a morbid tension in the listening audience who is invested in these children playing well.

Max played "The Gray Donkey" and "Splashing in the Brook."

A genius.


Kerry said...

"Old people think about these things."

---I think about them, too.

doddles said...

Is it bad that when this blog first pulled up I thought that was a picture of you and that you were posting a picture of you looking very tired?

Then I realized it wasn't you, but Max's teacher, and I figured that she probably was VERY tired.

Gold-E said...

Yay Max for playing and yay Tom & Louise for supporting him! Piano recitals are scary, at least they always were for me. It was obvious to the audience that I was nervous too because my peddle foot would quiver ferociously. But it was all worth it to have my mom, with her plastered on smile, hug me and tell me I was awesome, even if I knew (and she knew) my performance was less than stellar.

Sarah said...

I'm sorry, Louise, but this is not Max. Max is a little boy. A LITTLE BOY. Not this big kid looking all old and grown-up. You must have had the wrong boy posing for this photo.

Ann said...

How handsome he is. I see you in his smile. Lovely!

ee said...


Richardson's B.L.A.H.S. said...

Someone looks a little like his daddy!