Friday, February 26, 2010

Dark room stuff--gone

Our garage is stacked with "stuff" that we don't seem to be able to let go of. So yesterday was a big big day, because Tom gave away all of his dark room equipment to a student, a photographer.

Our "stuff" lies heavy on me. I picture our children cursing us when we're dead and gone and they have to do the clean up.

So I did a little lightness of being dance on my tippy toes when I saw it all disappear. I twirled.


Emily Wing Smith said...

I love the lightening that comes from getting rid of stuff. Congratulations. I'm sure your kids will thank you!

Ann said...

hard move. brave move.

after cleaning out my grandma's house i vowed i would get rid of my stuff before dying. unless i accidentally die tomorrow.

Jason Merrell said...

I like the boxes.

Katy said...

I hope you added the moonwalk to all your twirling. All your unloading, purging, and organizing is inspiring me.

Gold-E said...

There will be no cursing when my folks die because we're just going to get a dumpster and put the whole house in it. Easy squeezy.