Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Since Tom got his new Nikon, he's been posting a picture a day and this one of our dog, Alice, is one of my favorites. See the rubber toy? We are supposed to throw that thing across the room ad infinitum, and if we don't, she whines like the annoying little dog that she is.

Don't tell anyone, but I feel most protective about Alice. More than any of the dogs we've had. It may be because my children despise her. It may be those perky ears and that perfectly proportioned four-pound body. It may be that she loves me and wants to French kiss me every moment of the day. Ech.

The only real tension in our house is between Tom and Alice. Alice yaps and Tom yaps back louder. "Why do you want a dog if you don't want the dog to be what she is?" This is my question. I would never go out and buy a dog. It wouldn't even occur to me. But when we are without canine, Tom begins shopping and then says the curdling, "Let's go have a look at these Yorkies," which is, yea verily, the same as "Let's go spend several hundred dollars on a Yorkie."

Then for the next fifteen years, he and the dog bark at each other.

I imagine I will miss this interaction some day.


doddles said...

My comment has many parts:

1. We don't despise Alice, we just find her really irritating.

2. Except Hank, I think he DESPISES her.

3. My favorite line:
"Why do you want a dog if you don't want the dog to be what she is?"
I need to put that on my fridge. It applies to more than just dogs.

4. Where is Tom posting these pictures because I would love to see them?

Jacqueline said...

I melt over that face. Tension between Tom and Alice? Really? How can there be tension when he looks into those eyes? xxoo

Marcia said...

very nice picture. we have a turtle named alice.

Louise Plummer said...

Tom's photo blog is

He doesn't allow for comments. It's just a place to store them.

Jaqueline, Tom and Alice are constantly barking at each other. It's worse than having the parrot who used to bark like the dog, so it was like having two dogs.

Sarah said...

I can't stand that dog. That face? Pure evil.

Katy said...

Alice deserves to have this picture framed above the fireplace; she's the boss and she knows it. What a sassy gal.

This picture should be on a Hallmark card.

Ann said...

Alice weighs as much as one of my dog's ears. I'm not making this up.