Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Really old photo

I am five and my sister, Janie, is two.  I have been sent to the store with my two-year-old sister in tow.  Maybe it wasn't far; I'm sure it wasn't, but still what was Mother thinking?  Gerard who was four was left at home and Toni must have been a new baby.  A photographer stopped us and took our picture and then sold it to my mother.  Did we get to the store?  I imagine we did. I was RESPONSIBLE.

What I really wanted to say about this photo, before I got my knickers in a twist, is that the dress I'm wearing was my favorite dress.  The dress with the anchors.  It came in a box from America after the war, and I remember seeing it come out of the box and Mother holding it up to me.  It was my favorite favorite dress.  The box also contained canned peaches.  Looks like I ate quite a few.


Miss Magpie said...


dede said...

that is adorable.
It was a different time. (how many times have you heard that?) 14 year olds used to get married for heavens sake. My 14 year old should DEFINITELY not be married. And apparently 5 year olds used to go to the store with their little sisters.

Louise Plummer said...

Fourteen? Fourteen?

ann cannon said...

So beautiful. I love this photo and this post.

Richardson's B.L.A.H.S. said...

I've seen this photo many times and always thought you two looked so cute. It's even better knowing the story behind it.
You are the same ages as my two oldest and I can't even imagine sending them to the store on their own. Crazy how times change.