Thursday, January 8, 2009

It's late and I'm awake, of course

I'm awake and in bed.  The furnace just clicked on and I'm having a hot flash.  Soon I will take half an Ambien and be asleep like Tom (who will awake about 4 p.m)  Today was a good day.  Tom and I met with Bard D. our mortgage guy--actually I don't really know what Bard does, but he's always pleasant about it--and we signed the papers to refinance our house at five-per cent interest which will save us a few shekels every month.  Then we had lunch at Nordstroms (the pistachio and chicken salad) and I used Ed and Dede's gift card and bought a black pencil skirt which actually fits me.  The black skirt I've been wearing, I can pull up over my hips without unzipping or unbuttoning it at the waist.   Thank you, Ed and Dede.

Then Tom and I drove to BYU where I taught the 5-minute a day journal to his memoir class.  The students were so lively and awake and I realized how much I missed teaching.  It's such engaging, satisfying work.  I have to get back to teaching.  I know this.  I'm not finished with it.  Tomorrow I will update my resume and send it out to local colleges.  I can do that much.  

Or I could be a bagger at Harmons.  I really like the store manager there.


Laura said...

And I'm awake too. And it's late.

Thank you for coming to the memoir class today. I came home from campus this evening and announced to my dad, "You just watch. This is going to be big. My life is changing one memoir class at a time."

It's true. I'm thrilled about the class. And I am so excited that your husband is teaching it. My dad has two of his books on his I've-read-this-and-liked-it bookshelf.

I did it. I commented on your blog. Let's have a coming-out party. No more secret stalking. I'm an out-in-the-open reader from here on out.

doddles said...

Yea for pencil skirts that fit!
Yea for all the work it has taken to get there!
Yea for Nordstrom!
Yea, Yea for teaching. You're good at it. You should do it. I don't think you'd make a very good bagger.

lulu said...

I don't think I know what a pencil skirt is. Hmmm...I think google will come in handy here. I like reading your blog.

Louise Plummer said...

Welcome Laura. I think it's funny that you weren't going to take the class. It obviously had an effect on me as well. I miss college age students, especially the smart ones like you.

Dede, I probably wouldn't make much of a bagger although I'd be friendly. I'd have to wear a menthol strip on my lower back and orthopedic shoes. Yuk.

Lulu, we used to call them "peg skirts." Basically, a fitted skirt. You must have several in your wardrobe.

Ann said...

You're such a fabulous teacher. I love to watch you in action!