Saturday, January 3, 2009

Leftovers from Christmas

The tree, the wreath, the creche (one of them) the greens, the table center, the cards, a half sack of spinach, a half cup of crushed pineapple, a plastic container of brussels sprouts, my Nordstrom's gift card, a cough with phlegm, and snow.


Rachel said...

I despise putting the Christmas crap away. I think mostly because I had to put it out by myself, but for all to enjoy. Next time I'm going sparse and saying "Enjoy this!" I may even add a middle finger.

larriecampbell said...

Good list. Lists are good journal entries. I think I'd like to make an entry that lists all the items I don't want to put away from Christmas and then just stuff them all under the bed so it "looks" clean. (My mom would be appalled.)