Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Check out my new blog

I am on a new blog with three other writers. My blog appears on Thursdays. The first two were taken from Five Crows, but tomorrow is original as the rest will be from now on. The other women are young professional, young mothers--the operative word being "young." I am the crone in the group.

It's Or you can just push that blue w in the right hand column. Check it out.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Falling into Old Age

I stare at old women.  Can't look away.  They are the accident that's happening to me.  I could look like this in twenty years, although I plan to keep my teeth in my mouth.  And I would never carry a wrinkled toad on my shoulder to further signal my own decay.  I don't even like toad jewelry.  I did have a yen for a toad purse once.  Sam brought one home from the Phillipines.  It's mouth was the opening, it's body was lined with taffeta to hold personal items,  and its toady appendages hung down like decorative ribbons.  There's something appealing about having a dead animal for a handbag be it toad, cowhide or lizard.  Personally, I'd rather be a decorative lamp when I'm dead.  A gifted taxidermist and an electrician could do the job. The Louise lamp.  Let your light so shine!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Kayak people

I took Alice for a walk around the lake today and met a man who drove his bike to the shoreline trailing  one kayak behind him.  I stopped to talk to him about the bike trailer (he bought it on the internet) and he said it could carry two kayaks as shown above.  We agreed that twilight was the best time to be on the water.  I was envious when I later saw him paddling effortlessly eastward.  If I ever have money again, I will buy a kayak and a bike trailer.  If not, I'll keep renting kayaks and walking Alice around the lake or sitting on a bench near the water.  I will feed the voracious ducks and maybe again see one hundred geese sitting quietly on the water facing  shore like tankers in a harbor.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Here's the list:

Fluoxetine (Prozac)--for depression

Lorazapam (Attivan)--for anxiety

Ambien--to go to sleep

Senekot Stool Softeners-- to poop

Lipitor--for cholesterol

Triamterene--for high blood pressure (going off this soon)

Oxaprozin--for osteoarthritis

81 mg Aspirin--so I won't have a stroke

Can you beat that?

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Happy Birthday, Dede

I made you this cake.  It has taken me all week to do it.  There was lots of cursing, but I think it turned out rather nicely.  Royal Icing.  Cinderella and the stepsisters are formed from marzipan.  Thank heaven, Cinderella is on her balcony, because the dog ate part of her dress.  The flags are melted sugar.  

The UPS man said, "No way can you mail this."

"But, but . . ."  Tears in my eyes.

"No ma'am.  No."

So it's standing on the kitchen counter where it will be until you arrive next summer to eat it.

Meanwhile, on Monday your other present will arrive. 

 I hope you are wonderfully spoiled today.  I hope your man knows what to do!

Wet kisses.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

The tulips are in

I did it.  I planted the tulip bulbs on Halloween day.  Erica gave me a box of them for my birthday and I had to yank a few plants out to get them all in, but I did it and I'm glad.  In the spring, I'll have tulips, beautiful tulips.

Saw the family at Erica's last night, including Sam and Sarah and boys.  The kids went Halloweening; the rest of us ate soup.  Then we went to see High School Musical III.  I may be the only person in my age category to have seen all three high school musicals.  Thank you, Mira, for keeping me up to the moment!