Monday, November 24, 2008

Falling into Old Age

I stare at old women.  Can't look away.  They are the accident that's happening to me.  I could look like this in twenty years, although I plan to keep my teeth in my mouth.  And I would never carry a wrinkled toad on my shoulder to further signal my own decay.  I don't even like toad jewelry.  I did have a yen for a toad purse once.  Sam brought one home from the Phillipines.  It's mouth was the opening, it's body was lined with taffeta to hold personal items,  and its toady appendages hung down like decorative ribbons.  There's something appealing about having a dead animal for a handbag be it toad, cowhide or lizard.  Personally, I'd rather be a decorative lamp when I'm dead.  A gifted taxidermist and an electrician could do the job. The Louise lamp.  Let your light so shine!


Rabbit said...

By the time you look like this, I"ll be long dead. By the time you're letting light shine through your dermatological shade, I'll be dead even longer.

Louise Plummer said...

I already miss you.

Rachel said...

If you're anything like Grandma, which you are in my mind (except not as old), you'll age just fine. You'll have nice looking teeth, whether they are your own or not, good hair, and I'm sure you'll wear your clothes well. I already miss you too.