Sunday, October 5, 2008

Weekend Visitors

Jonathan and Julie drove down from Boise with Katelyn this conference weekend to make an announcement, which was emblazoned on Katelyn's t-shirt.  We were too dimwitted to see it.  Later, Charles and Erica and family came over, along with Sam and Sarah and the boys to celebrate Katelyn's third birthday.  Sam spotted the message.  Congratulatory hoo haws all around.  I'll let them post the t-shirt themselves.

I did not take the important pictures:  Katelyn opening presents, blowing out the candles, eating the cake, feeding the ducks and just being all around cute.  Saved by Photo Booth yet again.


doddles said...

That's just great...leave the eastern plummers out of the secret.

I think I can figure what it is, but until it is confirmed I will have to assume that it is that Jon got a breast inhancement and is LOVING it!

Louise Plummer said...

It's coming in May!