Monday, October 6, 2008

Clothing Bonanza

Last winter in New York when I was disgusted with my vasty hips and mammoth hams,  I collected all the clothes that were then too small for me and stuffed them into a green bag to take to Goodwill.  This included four expensive blazers and an Austen Reed suit that I loved.
The bag was much too large to carry on the subway and I stuck it into the front hall closet waiting for the day when Tom and I would drive down Broadway to Washington Heights and make our delivery.  And I thought we did just that.

"I think it's all in a big box in the garage," Tom said to me last week."

"I don't think so," I said.

Today I went out and opened the box.  All my clothes were in it.  Clothes I thought I would never wear again.  I tried them on one after the other:  gray wool flannel pants, a navy blue blazer with gold buttons, my Talbots silk shirt, a black velvet vest with red and green embroidered roses on it that I bought at Utah Woolen Mills and is perfect for the holidays; my Austen Reed suit, a red blazer and more.  I fit into my wonderful clothes!

It was my reward for being disorganized, for procrastinating.    Grasshoppers: 1.  Ants: 0


Miss Magpie said...

That is one awesome surprise. We should do something fun in our best clothes.

Rachel said...

I think maybe you should read An Autobiography of a Wardrobe. You might be able to relate to the story. I have it if you want to read it.

Sarah said...

More like your reward for being disciplined, hard-working, and hungry. Hooray for clothes that make you look and feel good!

Louise Plummer said...

Let's go out for Tom's birthday after he gets back from Colorado (the weekend following his B-day). Some place nice.

Rachel, I would like to read An Autobiography of a Wardrobe. How will I get it?

Rachel said...

I'll send it to you. Consider it on its way.