Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday in Kennolyn

It is Sunday and Tom and I are in our "Founders Cottage" in Kennolyn Camp which is just outside Santa Cruz California.  Wendy Wirthlin gets married at 3:30 this afternoon up on the hill, where I hear we will have a view of the Pacific Ocean.  Nice.  We are surrounded by redwoods and other evergreens all smelling deliciously piney.  There's a pool and tennis courts, volleyball courts, a barn with rabbits and Vietnamese potbellied pigs.  People live in cottages that look like a barber's store from the front or the post office, so it looks like a small western village.  Plenty of places to roam around.  We made smores by a fire last night and then Tom and I watched "Lady in White" a Masterpiece Theater production that we had with us (netflix).

The night before last we stayed in Carson City, Nevada which is a homey place (and where Ed spent 5 months of his mission).  We drove from there around Lake Tahoe and onto California: an absolutely breathtaking drive and one we'd never done before.  Car trips are enoromously satisfying when the scenery is beautiful and changing along the way.  It's short, but we feel like we're on vacation.


Sarah said...

OK, I should be wearing my (new) glasses. I thought you wrote Carson City was a "horney" place. I first thought, "Ha! She spelled horny wrong!" And then I wondered in what way Carson City could be considered horny.

And then I realized (once again) I am a blind idiot.

I'm glad the drive was beautiful, and hope you have a nice little time away. Tell Tom he has carrot cake to look forward to whenever we can get together this week.

Theodore said...

That sounds delightful.

I like California and the Pacific ocean. Not a huge fan of weddings.

Grab one of those pigs and freeze it for the depression.

Louise Plummer said...

Sarah, Carson City may be horny too. I noticed many young people sniffing each other's pheromones. That can't be good.

When do you get your hideous glasses?

Sarah said...

I got them on Friday. I look fantastic. But I feel like I'm a foot closer to the ground. I have to concentrate going up and down stairs.

Elliot said, "Great job getting new glasses, Mom!"