Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I think Dede had the discussion about whether to get an expensive haircut or just go to Supercuts.  I admit that the best haircut I ever had was at Figaro's on 9th South, but was it worth $50 a month?  Maybe.  We were making more money then.  But now that we're reduced to a fixed income, my vote goes to Supercuts.  Thirteen bucks for a decent haircut and only eight dollars to have my eyebrows waxed.  Can't beat those numbers.

I watched MEAN GIRLS with the teenaged grandkids last night.  It was so much better than I expected.  Tina Fey wrote the screenplay and played the school teacher, and Tina Fey is hot especially since 30 ROCK has won all the awards for comedy in the last couple of years beating out even my favorite, THE OFFICE.

It was fun last night, guys.  Always good to see Charles unveil his stomach and lecture us on the etiquette of going to the toilet.  Loved the smores.  Thank you Sam and Sarah.  I love you all


Erica said...

Sorry I crashed on you last night. I don't remember mean girls being good and I didn't know it was a Tina Fey movie. I'll have to try it again. Loved last night too, even though I couldn't hear half of what people were saying. Maybe Tom and I should just sit in a corner somewhere.

Louise Plummer said...

No, no, you didn't crash on me. I had no expectations except that the three teens would be there.
I hate that you can't hear and I know it's much worse when you're sitting with a group of people. Tom says he'll sit in a corner with you anytime.