Sunday, July 20, 2008

It's five o'clock in the morning

Tom and I are both awake and on our computers.  I think I've been awake all night.  It's the curse of aging.  Can't sleep, can't poop, can't think without taking some pill.  The question is would I rather be toilet training a toddler as Sarah is doing?  Would I rather spend the day with eight cub scouts as Erica did or packing my family up for a trip cross country as Dede has had to do?  No.  

Haven't lost any weight this week.  Discouraging.  Two trips to Chick Filet didn't help.  (Can't think of how to spell that!)  I'm amazed at how little I can eat to be thinner.  Dieting is more difficult than writing a book, and losing weight may be more satisfying than anything I can think of.  Makes me feel like a goddess.

We cleaned up Saturday with Harrison's help.  We use his young legs to carry things from the basement to the second floor and vice versa.  He lifts things and carries empty boxes out to the garage.  The result is we now have a "media room," which to my mind is any room in your house that doesn't have windows.  Sounds much better than "basement."  I love having the space we have after downsizing for so many years.  I love having the two offices AND a guest room.  Palatial.  Most of all, I love the front porch.


Miss Magpie said...

I hope you skipped church and got some sleep.

Anne said...

You're a goddess no matter what, Grandma.
No matter how much weight you lose, you'll still have the goddess-big lips, and the goddess-booming laugh.

I'm glad everything is finally cleared out from the media room. I'm excited for Ed & Dede to come.