Sunday, April 25, 2010

Phone Calls from offspring

How I know which of my four sons is calling me on the phone:

Jonathan: "Hi Mom, it's me, Jonathan." He always identifies himself as if I might not recognize him from the 5 million people I know.


Charles: "Helloooo." Very musical.

Sam: "Hi. What are you doing?" He speaks slowly. "Get on your computer to Utah Real Estate. I want you to see this house."


Angie Larkin said...

I can always tell who my mom is talking to on the phone. She is a voice chameleon. She adapts the tone and accent of her own voice to creepily match the voice of who is on the other end of the line. Why does she do this? It's especially weird when she talks to my red neck uncle Donny and starts saying things like "pert near" and "yer kiddin'". Then the other day my husband asked me, "Why do you make your voice sound like your mom's when you talk to her on the phone?"

勝傑懿綺 said...
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Kristen said...

I can always tell who is calling me by the caller id. :) No, but really, my sisters and I (who all read your blog) all sound the same, especially Robin and I. When I call my grandma, I have to tell her it's me, or she thinks it's Robin. Robin's own husband once thought he was talking to her on the phone, when in reality, it was me (or I, it was I!).

I always identify myself, at least I think I do.

Marcia said...

I know your son Sam and I am in no way surprised. :)

Richardson's B.L.A.H.S. said...

Lindsey always identifies herself as well. Even though I have caller ID and a picture shows up when she calls, it's still, "Hey Lis, this is Lindsey... your sister."