Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt 2010

I began to write about Easter yesterday but got distracted with royalty, which reminds me, my oldest granddaughter had a boyfriend who looked exactly, I mean exactly, like Prince William.
Only cuter. Sigh. I miss her while she is off having her glam life in Europe, speaking Deutsch like a native.

Sam and Sarah organized the Easter egg hunt outside. They were hidden in trees, on top of cars and some were munificently lying atop the lawn as if they had just sprouted.

From top to bottom: Murgatroyd, Louis, Elliot and Louis, Max, and finally, Harrison, who is reading Ovid's Metamorphoses "for fun." Do I love that or do I love that? Ovid for fun. Yes!

He's a complete nerd just like his father and grandfather and pretty much all his relatives. I adore him. And guess what? Girls swarm him. Girls are smarter than they used to be.

I wish I knew how to make titles for each photograph but that is out of my tech range.

I finally made it to 20,000 in Ms. Pacman. I hope they have that game in heaven.


CSIowa said...

When my son was eleven, he came to me, his mother with two degrees in comparative literature and a minor in Latin, and asked whether we happened to have a copy of the Odyssey. Of course we did! A couple of days(!) later, we were driving somewhere and I got to listen to him explain to his friend that the Odyssey was an epic, not a religious radio drama. He then went on to say earnestly, "Homer did a really good job," (insert mother snorting while trying not to laugh), "of being descriptive when the cyclops vomited up all the arms and wine and stuff." An eleven-year-old evaluating Homer! It's one of my favorite memories!

Louise Plummer said...

CS, we understand each other perfectly. And what eleven-year old boy doesn't love a vomiting cyclops?

BBB said...

Maybe it was Prince William, stranger things have happened, you know.

Louise Plummer said...

BBB, now that's just creepy.

Sarah said...

Man, those are some cute kids.

Angie Larkin said...

Oh be-have you cougar, you. :) I loved the pedal pushers and bowties.

Richardson's B.L.A.H.S. said...

Load your pictures first and then when you are entering text go to the "compose" tab, you can see your post as it will show. You can then know exactly where your text should be.

Ann said...

Now I know what Tom would look like with a binky in his mouth. That baby boy looks exactly like him.

Great pictures. What a gorgeous family y'all have.