Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sibling rivalry

Max (9) has learned to play the recorder in school. He played JINGLE BELLS for us with verve and musical insight. He's obviously a genius.

He has taught Mira (7) to play her own recorder: every note except the "d." She begs him to teach her the "d" note, but he refuses. She can't play JINGLE BELLS because it requires the "d" note.

"If you don't teach me today," she says, "then I'll ask Dad to teach me."

"Fine," says Max, "but I won't let you use the book.

"If you teach her all the notes, you can play duets. Duets are fun." I say. "Ensemble playing is satisfying."

His face crimps into a shudder. I've asked him to kiss his sister.

He's a genius. He's a also a pedagogical Marquis de Sade.

"He doesn't want me to play as well as him," Mira says.

I understand perfectly. Who wants Mira crawling up his backside playing JINGLE BELLS as if she were 9? Duh.


ann cannon said...

Ah. Sibling rivalry. My first memory in life is the day they brought my brother home from the hospital. I hid in the basement, hoping someone would notice and come find me.

No one did.

Louise Plummer said...

Ann, I feel your pain. My brother was born when I was 11 months old. Right now, we're both 66.

Robin said...

I love it when you post. I always want to leave comments that say: You are such a great writer! I love what you write! So Clever! I love it when you post!

flowildwer said...

LOL. What a genius Max is. I wish I would have been that smart when I was growing up with my siblings!!!