Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day 2009

When you're retired, holidays are fairly ho-hum. I forgot about Labor Day until Sunday night when Sarah asked me if we had plans.

No, did they have plans? No. I don't think the other Plummers had plans either. The New Jersey Plummers went to a Yankees game. That's what I call a great Labor Day outing.

I am not a planner. I like planners, but I am not one. I'm not the mother who gathers her chicks for a major cook-out on, say, Labor Day. I like it a lot better when one of the daughters-in-law plans something that includes Tom and me and we just get to sit around and eat their food and make smores and joke with the grandkids.

I miss my mother, who used to make jello salad mixed with whipping cream, potato salad and great sloppy joes for good-weather holidays. We would drive to Washington Park up Parley's Canyon and have a picnic. Very 1950's. I miss the 50's too.

My version of that is to go to Ruth's Diner in Emigration Canyon.

Anyway, Tom wanted to drive to the Cathedral of the Madeline to prepare for a class in architectural photography he's taking at BYU. They're photographing the cathedral on Thursday morning and he wanted to be prepared. We parked the car and walked up the steps, and lolled around, heads back, staring at gargoyles. The bells rang the hour, which is my favorite sound in the world. Twice, I've had an apartment in the Covey down the street where I could hear those bells. It's my favorite area of Salt Lake: South Temple between 2nd and 5th East (Backers' Bakery).

We walked up the street shaded by Sycamore trees. Then got back in our car and bought Dr. Peppers and Hershey bars at the K Street 7-Eleven for the trip home.

Later, we took Alice, our Yorkshire Terrier, for a walk by the lake. Lots of families out biking or pushing strollers. We met with a family who also had a Yorkshire Terrier (Sophie) and we chatted with them about what nasty little dogs they are. Meanwhile, little girls pass by saying "Oooh what a cute little dog!"

We sat on the porch until the sun went down.

Pretty good Labor Day, really.


Valynne said...

I was doing a quick scan of your blog and accidentally read "plans" as "pains." It was very funny to think that someone was asking you about your Labor pains . . . I think it's too early in the morning. Ha, ha!

Louise Plummer said...

Valynne, It's a late late for me to be having labor pains. I love that confusion.

Katy said...

What a beautiful day. I love cathedral bells and Dr. Pepper. I love Dr. Pepper best in a glass bottle, made with real sugar cane. I was meant to be born in the 50's.

Jason M said...

Lovely. This reminds me of so many good days in Salt Lake City and of living on 2nd avenue. Of taking walks in Lindsey Gardens or City Creek with Hannah and Diego, or just wandering down South Temple. I also love Ruth's Diner - especially brunch biscuits with lots of butter and jam spooned out of the jar.
When I was younger, our family would have large outings up Big Cottonwood Canyon. One of our favorite spots was a place we called 'the stairs' which is just above the 'S' curve. Lots of shade and places to hike and roam. Some of my happiest memories are of camping and of being outdoors in the mountains.

ann cannon said...

Yoou couldn't have planned a better day, actually.