Monday, September 21, 2009

Exquisite hairbands and hairclips for girls

Katy, whom I've never met, but who writes one of my favorite blogs (Word to Mi Madre on blogspot) said she would send me some of her hairclips. She thought Erica might like them.
Sorry, Erica but I think this girl likes them way too much to give away. I LOVE the headband with the red roses. Why can't an old lady wear this to the symphony with her cute red jacket and black skirt?

Why can't an old lady wear a black flower with rhinestones?

Why can't an old lady wear rhinestones, period?

I only had to take a hundred pictures to show these off. First of all, I smiled a wide toothy smile, but low and behold, the blueberries I had just eaten had turned my teeth blue. I looked like a deranged zombie with really pretty hairclips. And still, I have a crumb of a pretzel on my lip in the second photo, but who's looking that carefully?

Katy, I never would have thought of trying on hairclips in a thousand years. I love them. They make me feel femmie and happy. Thank you. You've made my week.

The rest of you may want to look at Katy's business website: Jean Kate: Exquisite hairbands and hairclips for girls.

"I feel pretty! I feel pretty! I feel pretty and happy and gay!"

Well, maybe not gay.


Ann said...

Bravo! Love the hairclips. Love the post.

Katy said...

I'm glad you like them. Can I post your picture and link this entry to my blog entry: Hair Flair Extraordinaire: Part II? You'd make the perfect model--all your sass and whatnot.

You look so glamorous. Does this make up for no prom date? It might be even better?

Louise Plummer said...

Yes, Katy, I always wanted to be a model. Who knew success would come this late in life?

Robin said...

What old lady?

I love the second picture - pretzel and all.

heather said...

The hair clips look so great on you! I love the black headband one too. We all need a little flair every once in awhile!

Jason M said...

This entry was like getting tickled. Very nice. For the last four hours, I've been editing a photo of a magnolia. I really love it. It's got this soft focus and an almost chalk-drawn look. I've submitted it twice to Getty and they've rejected it because of artifacting (little stray discolored pixels). They keep telling me to resubmit it, so I've blown the damn thing up to 600% and am working through every inch, cleaning it up so it has a nice, even gradient. My hand is cramped and tired and my eyes are starting to glaze. I took a break and read your post and started again (only after eating some pudding too). Immediately I found myself whistling West Side Story songs and realized what was happening. Schweet.

flowildwer said...

I love the rhinestones! Does look very feminine!!! Very Pretty!

Jacqueline said...

Miss you beautiful lady!

i said...

my friend sent me here to enjoy...and I have.

and regarding the bows...i say wear them!