Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day 2009 receives maximum points

Mother's Day lasted two days this year, just the way I like it.  

Tom, who is not my child, but who is one smart husband, bought me an orange kayak and he couldn't wait until Sunday to give it to me, and so I received it on Saturday.  I was completely surprised, because last time I heard, we had 75 cents in our checking account.  I took her out for a spin on the lake.  It was a perfect day, sunny, maybe 75 degrees, and I paddled from one end of the lake to the other.   I'm never happier than when I'm on

The Kayak came with a two-wheel carrier and I can pull it the block and half from my house to the lake with ease, even though I am a total cripple.

Sam and Sarah gave me the book, LOUISE, THE ADVENTURES OF A CHICKEN, which would be a good title for my autobiography.   Louise the Chicken also likes water and adventure.  She leaves the henhouse three times and is kidnapped by pirates, joins the circus, and then is kidnapped and held prisoner in a cage with other chickens until she picks the lock.  Like me, her heart beats inside her feathered breast. (Tom claims this was the biggest surprise of marriage).

The best line in the book is "Good-bye my sweet COQ AU VIN," called Mitzi as Louise left the circus.

Sam and Sarah also had us over to dinner on Saturday night along with her parents, the Kamaraths.  There were flowers everywhere and dinner was fabulous.  Elliot dictated a card to me and the last thing he said was "X-Ray."   Thank you, Sam and Sarah,  Elliot and Louis.  X-Ray!

Dede and Ed sent two beautifully wrapped packages from the MOMA.  One was a red watch.  I was wearing my red jacket when I opened it.  Red has always been and always will be my favorite color.  The second box was a muslin bag of tiny wooden blocks representing New York City, including one shaped like the Statue of Liberty and several limos and cars. Fabulous. Thank you, Ed and Dede, Rian, Samantha and Hank.  X-Ray!

Erica and Charles had us all to dinner on Sunday including her parents, the Lindsays.  We played half a game of Clue and I won.  (It was Mother's Day!)  Lots of flowers, laughs.  Yummy dinner with hudspeth (Dutch mashed potatoes, onions and carrots) and a terrific coconut cake.
They gave me these sophisticated black and white kitchen towels that make my stove look too cool for words.  I also got a handmade note where all of them essentially say I'm terrific. Thank you, Erica and Charles, Anne, Harrison, Maxwell and Mira.  X-Ray!

And Jonathan and Julie called on Sunday night to wish me Happy Mother's Day.  They gave me a new grandchild, Liam.  Whoopty doo!  Thank you, Jon and Julie, Katelyn and Liam.  X-Ray.

Best damn Mother's Day ever.


lulu said...

I'm glad my mom doesn't rate Mother's Day...or at least I don't think she does. However, if she did, she would give Lisa all the points because she's the only one that gave her a gift.
Your children are very thoughtful. Happy Mother's Day Louise!

Richardson's B.L.A.H.S. said...

Happy Mother's Day!

Robin said...

I am going to copy this and send it to my children.