Thursday, May 14, 2009


Anne and Max, grandchildren of mine, (not their real names), decided to take a walk and when they were a fair distance from home, Max had to pee.

"Go behind this bush," Anne said.

He wouldn't.

"We'll go to Grandma's house."

When they arrived at G'ma's, she and G'pa weren't there.  

But Anne knew the garage code and they let themselves in.

When they opened the back door of the house,  Holy Moly, Rocky, the security system began its anxious beeping.  Alarming!  Max couldn't pee with all that racket.

Anne danced nervously about, until she got an idea.  She called 911 and told them that she was at her grandparents' house and had set the alarm off.  

They already knew!  Police were on the way. Wow, we're getting our money's worth.

Anyway, the police were averted, the alarm was turned off.

And Max peed.


Allysha said...

So the lesson is: If I break into someones house but call 911 and say it is my grandparent's house I will get away with it {?}


Allysha said...

Forgot an apostrophe there in someone's. How embarrassing.

Louise Plummer said...

Yes, Allysha, that is what we learned here. No all that comforting.

Richardson's B.L.A.H.S. said...

Sweet! Next time you are out of town you might have a visitor.... or 5! Don't worry though, we'll take care of everything!

Anne said...

"danced nervously about."
What a nice way to put,