Monday, March 16, 2009

The prom dress

This is the dress that Anne is wearing to prom.  She's tall and skinny like the model and prettier.  I think it's a stunner.  Little pearls decorate the sleeves.  Tom is already planning the photo shoot.  He will move furniture and pose her against the grand piano.  

She is not going with the guy of her dreams.  He asked too late.  This is the stuff YA novels are made of.

This past week she found out she had won a scholarship that will take her to Germany next year as a high school exchange student.  All the encouraging adults in her life are now wondering how they will live without her for a year.

And so it goes.


lulu said...

A beautiful choice. I admire Anne. Perhaps I should tell her that myself, but I'm not sure she remembers who I am.
I don't remember my mothers cousins. Although, they never babysat me either.

emi said...

that dress is a true triumph. where did she get it? just to file away for my future children who haven't been born yet.

Anonymous said...


Ashley Harward said...

Gorgeous dress! I swear, buying a prom dress was more fun than the actual prom.

I'm excited, Louise! I'm in your advanced novel writing class at the BYU conference in June. I love your blog and A Dance For Three, so I can't wait to meet you in person.

See you in June!


ann cannon said...

I love this dress.

My mom made my prom dress. It was pink. With eyelet. And I wore my hair like Cher. Not that you asked.

S.A.S. said...

And here it is, THE dress. It's better than Talbots, Disney put together, with no auro of ho. If I'd known, and they made in in white, my July wedding might have posted the same dress (don't tell the prom-goer, I'm 28 and that might ruin it for her).