Monday, March 9, 2009

Pierre Bonnard

Sometimes I miss New York so much I can hardly breathe.  I felt this way yesterday when the New York Times arrived and I read that the Met was showing Bonnard paintings.  I had come home from church, which was depressing.  The word "valiant" is such a headchopper.  "I want to go back to New York," I told Tom setting down two dozen reasons why.  We talked about it for awhile, even looked at apartments.  Then listed reasons why we liked living here. (Our grandkids drop by being the number one reason to stay put).  Then decided maybe we should do something different, like live in Vienna for a year.  Tom does know how to dream with me.  Maybe the possibility of leaving can be enough for now.


Ashley Harward said...

Ooooo, if you go to Vienna I'm hiding in your suitcase!

doddles said...

You could stay at our place. I know it's not in the city, but you could still easily get there for all the good stuff. You might even figure out Penn Station.

Miss Magpie said...

No comment.

ann cannon said...

I would take Vienna in a heartbeat. Even though i've never been.

Why was church depressing? Because it was . . . church?

I'd like a post with some of those reasons you miss New York. I'd enjoy reading it very much indeed.

Sarah said...

What Magpie said (or, rather, what she didn't say).

Allysha said...

So, has Tom always been able to dream with you? Because when I dream my husband gets stressed out that he's not making enough money, so I wonder: is it personality or age?

Italy is lovely.

I know what you mean about missing NY.