Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Always a good read

Is there anything more pleasant and uplifting than a Maeve Binchy novel?  I love the Dublin settings and the quirky characters, most of them people we'd like to have as friends with a couple of real jerks thrown in for tension and rehabilitation.  I like her humor and irony.  I like a good story and Binchy is first and foremost a story teller.  I'd like to be in her writer's group and have some of that good will rub off on me.  I imagine she is an upbeat soul.  I may be wrong.  Lots of people think I'm upbeat, but I'm a curmudgeon if there ever was one.  I read HEART AND SOUL yesterday and was satisfied and happy.  I'm sorry that it's ended.  Thank you, Maeve Binchy for hours of entertainment.


ann cannon said...

Oh! I love that you love Maeve Binchy! I adore her and think that she's underrated in spite of her popularity. I always think there's a real good-heartedness about her that you don't find in more "serious" Irish writers of her generation.

Laura Essendine said...

I love the way that Maeve takes small details of ordinary lives and spins fascinating stories. Her characters are so real and reappear in different books. As I writer, I'd like to be Maeve Binchy when I grow up!

If you like her, you might like 3 more Brits - Rosamunde Pilcher, Penny Vincenzi and Judith Lennox whose stories just roll along

Laura Essendine
Author - The Accidental Guru

Anonymous said...

I always love reading suggestions!! Thanks!