Sunday, September 21, 2008


After church today, we took Anne, Harrison and Mira (whose parents and brother, Max, are off to NYC) up to Snowbird for the annual Oktoberfest.  I thought this would interest especially Anne and Harrison since they're both taking German language in school.  Was I out of my mind?  Didn't I remember Bavaria and its oh so quaint villages, kitschy gift shops, lamb shank lunches with oom pah pah polkas playing in the background?  Didn't I remember that I threw up violently after one afternoon there?  We ate our bratwurst and red cabbage while being entertained by a trio of alpine horn players, a band consisting of accordian, tuba, Jew's harp and washboard, the 1996 yoyo champion, a yodeler and cow bell playing guy.  Mira sat in a fetal position on my lap, because even though she's only six, she sensed the creepiness of it all.

The only really fun part was when Anne and Harrison got henna tattoos.  Hers was a butterfly at the nape of her neck and his was a spider on his arm.  Very exciting.

I can't wait for Elliot to stay over, so he can have a henna tattoo too.  Tooh, tooh!


ccfawson said...

Flagrant sabbath breaking AND tattoo endorsement...when can I sleep over?

Louise Plummer said...

And I didn't even mention all the beer going down. Bring your jammies.

doddles said...

We always loved going to Oktoberfest. It you didn't like that then you are a bit too stuffy. And apparently so are your grandkids.

Was the yo yo guy there?

Louise Plummer said...

Yes, he performed yoyo tricks while Anne sat near the stage photographing him. If he made a mistake, he'd make an apologetic face at her, like "Sorry, I spoiled your picture!"