Monday, September 15, 2008

Board games

Harrison and Max showed up on our porch Sunday afternoon.  We were delighted to see them especially since they shortened the home teachers' visit.  Erica had booted them out of the house, because they'd spent the day glazing in front of computers, so I went out to the garage and found two board games (remember them?):  Parcheesi and Chinese Checkers.  Tom read the rules aloud.  Each player gets four little wooden discs of the same color (See above).  Green only had three discs, so I added a whole almond.  Max got to choose first.  "I'll take green," he said.  Later, I learned that green is his favorite color, but I think he wanted the almond, which he referred to throughout the game as "my nut," as in "I want my nut to come in first," and "I need to get my nut moving,"  always said with a droll look.  Harrison won.

They ate M&Ms.  Harrison suggested that Max was an M&M&M.  I made brownies and they ate them.

Then Harrison beat Tom and Max at Chinese Checkers.  The first time I've known Tom to lose Chinese Checkers ever.

Then we went to Sam and Sarah's for my last birthday celebration where we ate more cake.  What's a Sunday without a sugar high?

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