Monday, September 8, 2008

Cooking for Vegetarians

Okay, Saturday night we had a dinner party which included two vegetarian New Yorkers.  I have  a small repertoire of recipes that I'm really comfortable doing and they have nothing to do with vegetables.  The NY friends said they ate fish occasionally, so Tom grilled halibut steaks that had been marinated in honey, oil, soy sauce, ginger and chives and they turned out tender and delicious. Kiss that cook.  I made a broccoli salad, a potato salad and an herbed spinach-bake.  Vegetables, yes, but  mixed with mayonnaise, oils, eggs and cheese.  I was hating myself by the end of the afternoon.  Christine brought a gorgeous bowl  of fruit and I made high lemon pie for dessert (which despite the fact that it curdled slightly was still delicious).  I was tired and anxious before the guests arrived and then they came full of cheer and good will, ready for a party, and all exhaustion dropped away and Tom and I had a good time at our own vegetarian/fish dinner party.  Friends and food:  lovely.


doddles said...

Vegetarians suck!

I have found it best to bbq when you are including vegetarians. That way they can pick the sides that work for them and a veggie burger always works.

Or mexican food.

Or just stop inviting those blasted nut jobs over.

(do I sound bitter?)

Louise Plummer said...

You make me laugh. These are the nicest people. (In their seventies). Get this, they have a 9-room apartment on Park Avenue and a huge house in Jeremy Ranch (they're avid outdoors people.) Howard was raised in Brooklyn and hasn't returned in fifty years. He called Park Slope "up and coming" and I said, "Howard, Park Slope is HERE." When we see them in New York, I said we had to drive up Flatbush Aveunue and find his old house.

But the whole vegetarian thing really made me sweat.

doddles said...

I really don't hate vegetarians. My good friend Kim is one. I just hate that it makes it difficult to have a meal with non-vegetarians as well.

I wish Park Slope was up and coming, then the prices wouldn't be so ridiculous.