Monday, July 12, 2010

Weekend update

We took the train to Halstaat with the students and Rian on Friday. It was supposed to be non-stop from Vienna but because of rail repairs we ended up getting off the train, on a bus, and back on a train. Old crippled women don't like this kind of lumping about. Grrrr.

But picturesque Halstaat always lowers my blood pressure especially when we're on the water. Rian is paddling with Jessica and Kayla in the first photo on Friday afternoon. Next morning, we rented our own boat and Rian drove us around a couple of hours. It was delicious. Tom is behind us taking a jillion photographs.

We have been following the World Cup games--when in Europe, do as the Europeans do--and last night was the final game between Spain and the Netherlands. We were whooped up for the Netherlands to win, even though everyone knew Spain would win. Perhaps even me. There was no score until they went into overtime when Spain got their single, winning point.

This morning the Austrian papers are full of sneers for the Dutch teams' mean spirited playing. They show a photo of the Dutch player kicking a Spanish player hard on his chest, a kung fu kind of move that flattened the Spanish guy.

I feel defensive and unreasonably uppity about the rivalry. I wish I had some orange to wear.

We ate at THE RUBENS CAFE at Palais Lichtenstein and this time, I was wise enough to order the Saffron Risotta and Prawns as did Rian. Tom ordered wienershnitzel and he got three huge pieces of it without vegetables (a pomme frite is not a vegetable). It could have eaten HIM. We ate inside because it is hot and humid outside.

We played Golf (the card game). We drank Cokes. Rian wore her new scarf on her head, my sunglasses and used my cane as a prop. She looked like the eunuchs in Duerenmatt's THE VISIT. That cane has power. Like in the power of the cane be with you.


Dr. Kerry said...

I've got a superawesome cane with psychedelic flowers all over it. It totally has superpowers, too.

Anonymous said...
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Jason Merrell said...

I love the back-lit green umbrella and the frame of orange on the boat. Really lovely. Looks like fun. Love this post. It's Kung Fu genius.

Brandon or Michelle said...

hi Louise: I was a fan of yours on Apron Stage, and just found "Thoughts of a Grasshopper" in the library of the home we're house sitting for the summer. LOVED IT! It was nice to have a dose of you any time I wanted, and I thank you for it.

My favorite line of the book: "I imagine he will buy one of those ski makes when he grows up."


Brandon or Michelle said...

dang, I messed up the line! it's "one of those ski masks" not "ski makes." Too bad I'm not much of a proof reader.