Friday, May 14, 2010

This evening's walk

WE walked from our apartment down the Porzellangasse this evening to the Palais Liechtenstein, which has this lovely statue in the midst of a pond. The water runs from her jar at this angle, but in the back, the water comes out of a fish's mouth. The park surrounding the palace has giant old sycamore and blooming chestnut trees. There are two songbirds that hang out in the sycamores with the most musical, but distinct songs. I have no idea what they are. Not robins. I want one of them to be a lark. Remember, "Greet the day with a song"? I can't see them. I may have to get some binoculars.

A duck and six tiny ducklings swam by. Why are all babies so attractive?

Six little ducklings swimming in a pond,
Five were brown and one was blonde.

Oh excuse me, for a second I thought I was Rick Walton.

If I WERE Rick Walton, I'd have that published by five in the afternoon tomorrow.

I may be eating a leetle too much chocolate.


CSIowa said...

One of the many great things about Vienna is the walking. It accommodates the necessary increase in chocolate consumption nicely.

淑君 said...
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Rick Walton said...

Great PB beginning! The F&Gs will be in your hands by noon.

Louise Plummer said...

Rick Walton=MAGIC!

Marcia said...

Mmm chocolate

Paula said...

Is it possible to eat too much chocolate?

Richardson's B.L.A.H.S. said...

Ha ha ha, you're such a hoot!