Saturday, November 7, 2009

After midnight

I am awake after midnight. Tom has long ago fallen asleep and I am sitting in the dark taking pictures of myself. My bedside table lamp is now in the living room and the two flashlights in the bedside table drawer do not work. They worked when I put them in there, but now they don't work. So if THE earthquake happens tonight, we'll be stumbling around in the dark wishing we had been prepared. There are two large flashlights down in the pantry. I wonder if they work. I have matches and candles, canned pears, a bag of chocolate chips, several warm coats and a 55-gallon drum of water. That should get me through the weekend. I am so hungry. I'd like to go down and nuke myself one of those chocolate cakes in a cup and eat it with a large glass of milk. But I don't want to be fat.

We did not win the chili bake-off, even though it was the best damned chili ever.

Will we sleep in heaven?

Not me.


Jason Merrell said...

I love the photo, Louise. It speaks louder and more deftly than a 55-gallon drum.

Maybe you won the bake-off in heaven. Maybe the judge is waiting there to hand you your blue ribbon. Seems a feeble consolation after midnight.

Maybe the way to heaven is marked with loss. I think you taught me that.

Katy said...

Where's your Ambien?

I'm mailing you some chocolate bars and a Nightstar flashlight.

Jason Merrell said...

I like Katy's reply even more. She's actually doing something to help you instead of pontificating like giddy me. Smart woman.

Louise Plummer said...

I actually do take Ambien and finally did last night.

Katy, if you sent me all the things you want to send me, you'd go broke.

ann cannon said...

Louise, remember that riff we did once about what our heavens would look like? I think you should update and share.