Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Since I made myself a job chart and reward myself with sparkly stars, my house is looking much better and I have kept up with the laundry, including folding and putting it away. Cleaning up after myself, or cleaning up at all has never come naturally, but I'm enjoying the process of doing it as well as the result.

I also pulled out my "new sewing machine," which is seven years old and has never been used, and decided to learn how to use it. I should know how to sew, but have been impatient about it. The horrid sewing machine I had before had a problem with the tension setting and so the thread was always breaking. Much cursing involved with that machine.

I have always associated domestic work as my mother's work. She was tidy to a fault, if there is such a thing. I considered myself an artist and above domestic work. That's a crock, of course. Artists can clean up after themselves as well as anyone else.

The needing to sew idea came to me again when I sat in the temple as a worker and looked down at Tom, who was a patron, and when he crossed his legs, I saw a bright blue band of painter's tape where he had hemmed his pants.

Or . . . I could teach him how to hem his pants.

My other obsession is my diet and exercise. I am liking the way I look and it's been a long time since I felt that way.

So things are good, except I'm not writing. I'm tired of writing.


Robin said...

Sewing, Stars, and SKINNY! You are my idol. Cleaning is a sore spot for me too. In fact, here I am cruising through blog land rather than vacuuming. Your blog, of course, is my favorite.

What are you going to sew? I want to sew a darling apron that might inspire me to clean.

flowildwer said...

LOL. 3 years ago my mother gave me a Christmas gift. It was a new sewing machine. It is still in the box, never been opened. I keep pulling out the one I've had since I was sixteen! I have such guilt too. My mom was soooo EXCITED to get me this gift, and I haven't even used it yet. I keep telling myself that I will give the old one to my daughter and teach her how to sew, and I will use the new one. hasn't happened yet.

Sally said...

I can relate to not being naturally tidy. It is a constant issue for me (and my sisters Robin-above-and Emily and Kristen too).

And I have a fantasy that I will one day learn to sew and make beautiful quilted baby blankets for everyone. Everyone: don't hold your breath.

Good jorb, Louise.

Owner of the Band said...

I have the same "my mother was tidy" problem. but you are right: we have no excuse not to clean.

please write again.

Rabbit said...

Regarding my white pants--I bought double-sided sewing tape and fixed them myself, thank you very much. I thought the blue tape added a certain spark to the temple ceremony. Louise disagreed. How prudish of her.

Kristen said...

I had a friend come and help me clean and organize my entire down stairs in May. It was gorgeous, I didn't recognize it. So I returned to homeostasis, and now I can't find anything.

That same friend was here tonight, I felt bad for her seeing my home like this, but not bad enough to not invite her in. I like her too much.

I have a sewing machine. I made ugly curtains once. What will you make?

Louise Plummer said...

I love that you are all negligent housekeepers. And flowildwer, at least, you CAN sew.

I actually want to be able to make simple skirts, vests and jackets. Simple jackets. Is that an oxymoron?

brohammas said...

Your crock is a crock... artists can in fact NOT clean up after themselves.
To admit otherwise might obligate me to do so.