Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What is the difference between me and Audrey Hepburn??

We both have bikes. We both have Yorkshire terriers in our basket. We both have pleasant smiles. One of us is about four dress sizes smaller than the other one. But one of us is also dead.

So I win.

I didn't intend to take a vacation from blogging. It just happened. Tom and I went on our vacation to New Jersey and spent some time in THE city as well, and I came home thinking I should be living in said city (and I don't mean Hoboken). So I've been whining and complaining and fault finding, spitting and kicking small animals. Who wants to read about such insufferable behavior?

I stole Audrey Hepburn's picture off Erica's blog. She is very much into bikes these days. Not the bikes that require latex costuming but bikes that allow you to wear regular clothes, even dresses.

Tom was the photographer and is lashing himself for cutting out my feet. I won't let him re-shoot. Besides, I have cankles.

It is August, the saddest month of summer. The anticipation is gone. It's here, now, today. Go do something fun. Go outside. Go. Go. Go.


Erica said...

Ha! You make me laugh! Happy photos of you both.

ann cannon said...

Oh welcome back. I missed you so.

Valynne said...

Your dog is much cuter, so you definitely win. Welcome back.

Anonymous said...

"But one of us is also dead."
That's the line where I started laughing audibly and kept it up until my roommate wandered out of her room and wanted to know what was so funny. She started laughing, too.

brohammas said...

into bikes you say?
not that anyone I know could afford this one, but I have never seen a nything so classy with pedals.

the diff between the pics? skinny jeans.

You still win.

Mike said...

The Wicker basket is really the only practical difference I can see.

Darlene said...

I thought about you the other day. Hubby and I took a canoe up to Daybreak and paddled around. I kept hoping to run into you.