Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tarragon chicken salad

For those of you who simply stalk the postings, the recipe for the Tarragon chicken is imbedded in the comments of the last post.  Emily posted first and wins an all expense paid trip on a pirate ship to Sierra Leone--beach front.  Robin is going to Boise this weekend.  Who needs a prize when you have Boise?

I can't believe there are two recipes on this page.  Maybe I should write a cookbook.  It should be titled, "Where is Tarragon and How Can I get there?"


Robin said...

If you write that cookbook I will buy it, read it, lend it to my friends, and then when it is dog-earred and worn I will put it on the bookshelf right next to my favorite Grasshopper book.

Tarragon has a licorice taste. I don't care for it at all unless it is surrounded by cream, mayo, chicken, grapes, and onion.

Sally said...

I have had this chicken salad. I am Robin and Emily's sister. It is delicious (being their sister) and the chicken salad is good, too.

Thanks, Loesje, for featuring our family on your blog. We also have a sister Kristen and a brother David and his fabulous wife Melissa who might be willing to compete for your attention as well.

Lara said...

1. When I can't find tarragon I substitute fresh basil (no dried tarragon!). No one will know.

2. Save yourself some time and go to Costco and buy a $5 rotisserie chicken. it tastes better than boiled chicken, and who wants to boil chicken breasts?

3. hmmm . . . for all your virtues, I'm ok if you don't send me your cookbook.

Louise Plummer said...

I DO know the taste of basil. A Louise Plummer cookbook is an oxymoron.

Louise Plummer said...

Ooh I like being called Loesje.

Emily said...

I can't wait for Sierra Leone. Joe and I wrote a cookbook (in our imaginations) titled "Cooking With Hay". It is quite versatile. You simply keep a bale of it in your kitchen (it can be used for extra seating should you have too many house guests for your Hay Themed dinner party), it never goes bad (it's always bad to begin with), and it makes great food storage.

Hay Burgers
Summer Hay Salad
Peanut Butter and Hay Sandwiches
No Bake Hay Cookies

You get the idea. We thought it might make a great coffee table book, complete with slick color photos of children's shining happy smiling faces about to take a bite of the many Hay offerings.

Would you mind endorsing that book? Could you share the name of your agent?