Wednesday, February 18, 2009

We're going on a road trip

Can you hear me whistling, humming, singing?  We're getting out of here THIS WEEKEND.  We're going to Balboa.  We bought new tires at Costco.  We had the timing belt replaced, the oil changed and the transmission fluid flushed.  Our car is ready.  We're ready.  Sam and Sarah are leaving Saturday and staying one night in St. George.  We're leaving Sunday and meeting them in Las Vegas.  Yippee Skippy.  They're staying in a Weston Hotel in Newport Beach.  We're staying in La Quinta in Santa Ana for $59.00 a night.  But hey, who are the retired geezers?  At this point, I'd sleep in my car.  Can you hear me yodeling?


Sarah said...

Counting down the days, hours, minutes, seconds.

A side note: Will you teach me how to yodel?

Richardson's B.L.A.H.S. said...

How come whenever I'm going to be in your neighborhood, you leave? I sense a conspiracy here. Have fun!

doddles said...

Wish we could join you.
We are going to DC this weekend. Not as warm, but still a vacation! Yea!

Ann said...

I wondered where that yodeling was coming from! In the words of Napoleon Dynamite (whom we still quote lovingly in this house even though he is so yesterday) LUCKY!!!!!!

Have much fun-nage. Call when you get home.